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The solar kit: an interesting alternative

With the energy transition, more individuals are turning to renewable energy. Solar energy has many alternatives. Indeed, you have the opportunity to gain energy independence due to self-consumption and this by proceeding to the installation of solar panels.

Understand what is the solar kit

First, it is essential to distinguish kit, which means installation material, and kit, which means ready to use installation that can be installed by yourself. Here we are talking about the ready-to-use installation, the solar kit that you can install yourself. It is a solution to meet the energy expectations of consumers.

Indeed, the solar kit can be used as backup power, but it can especially allow to reduce your energy bill.

What makes up a solar kit ?

In a solar kit, there are several components, including a module, an inverter, wiring, the Solar Battery, the integration box and other elements. With these elements, you will also receive a instructions which is used to guide you during your installation. Some suppliers will even deliver with your solar kit, of explanatory videos such as tutorials so that you can proceed with the installation of your solar panels efficiently.

The benefits of a solar kit

The solar kit has a great advantage: the price per kWp. For a classic installation carried out by an RGE installer, for 3 kWp, the price is between 2,8 to 3€ / Wc. As for the solar kit, however, the price is about 2€/Wc maybe less.

On the other hand, the solar kit has a number of advantages easy administrative steps. Unlike solar panels, which require a professional to install, you only have to pay for the installation no need for Consuel compliances, you have to make a prior declaration or request to Enedis.