How to recognize a “healthy egg” from the color of the yolk

How to Recognize a “Healthy Egg” by the Color of the Yolk

Did you know that the color of an egg yolk can tell you a lot about the quality of the wood?health condition of the hen who laid it, and therefore on the quality of the water quality of the food?

When we think of a laying hen we imagine a bird free to live in the wild … But the reality is quite different. In fact, the majority of the eggs we buy come from caged chickens 24 hours a day. They never see the sun.

They are fed unhealthy food (to say the least), and therefore produce Poor quality eggs.

If you buy eggs in a supermarket traditional, probably the egg yolk of a traditional light yellow color It will seem like it to you normal.

But this is not a good sign in reality.

Do you want to know how to recognize an intensively farmed egg from a naturally farmed egg?healthy breeding simply by the color of the egg yolk? Look at the following.