5 tips to get the lowest mortgage rate

5 tips to get the lowest real estate credit rate

To conclude the purchase of your future house or apartment, it is not necessary to neglect the research of the real estate credit. You must find the right loan and that right loan is the one with the lowest rate. With this low rate, you will reduce the total cost of interest paid to the bank.

Here are 5 tips to have the lowest real estate credit rate.

Present a good file beforehand

Even before submitting your application to your banker, take care of your banking situation. The banker must not find bank overdrafts in the months preceding your request. He can grant you a loan, but if he finds overdrafts, he can afford to give you a higher rate, because for him, you are a risky profile. The ideal is to present to the bank that you have savings that will be used to cover expenses.

Of course, you can get a loan without this personal contribution, but you will not get the best rate.

Go see your banker

Before you even contact other banks, make an appointment with your banker first. Check with him about his financing conditions, especially the real estate rate he offers. You can even ask him for an agreement in principle.

It should be noted that by granting you this agreement in principle, the banker does not validate your loan application. He gives you this document as an indication to summarize his pricing conditions. It is up to you to evaluate if your bank has the lowest real estate rates.

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Use the competition

Once you know the credit conditions of your bank, you can look elsewhere. You can ask other bankers and even look at online banks. Moths are very competitive, so don’t be afraid to ask them for information.

Once you have gathered all the credit offers, you can already cross off the list those which have a higher rate than the one proposed by your banker.

Dare to negotiate

When a bank makes you an offer, you are not obliged to accept it directly. You can very well negotiate to get an even lower rate. To do this, you need to make the right arguments. You can talk to your banker about your personal contribution which is high or your debt ratio which is low.

If you have an important income, this can also play in your favor.

Use a real estate broker

If you don’t have a lot of time to knock on the door of every banker, you can rely on a real estate broker: it is a credit professional who will act as an intermediary between you and the banks. Its mission is to find you the best real estate loan, especially the one that corresponds to your financial situation and the one with the lowest rate. If you have a broker at your side, you will not even need to intervene for the negotiation, because he will take care of it.

However, note that the real estate broker does not work for free, you must pay him brokerage fees.

Credit Mutuel real estate loan rate : is it the best plan ?

Among the different banks that offer interesting real estate loans, it would be impossible not to mention the Crédit Mutuel. In fact, in recent years, this French bank has become more and more popular’is imposed as an essential reference in the field of real estate loans. To better understand it, it is relevant to go on a website that will allow you to make a simulation of your loan real estate rate on Crédit Mutuel in just a few minutes.

Even if the rate of’a credit mutuel loan can vary from one year to the next’one month before’other, the online platforms of home loan comparisons will allow you to make the difference with all other banks. If you have a slight doubt as to whether Crédit Mutuel is the best bank to offer you a real estate loan with an interesting rate, this will allow you to’see a little more clearly.

Of course, if you find that the loan is not the best one for you, you may want to consider the following steps real estate loan rate of Crédit Mutuel n’is not up to par compared to other banks, you can have two very distinct strategies. The first d’The best way to do this is to contact Crédit Mutuel and ask to renegotiate your mortgage, but this is not a simple process’is not the only one possible. In fact, you could also take out a home loan with a better rate at another bank.

Once you have signed up with a bank other than Crédit Mutuel, you will not be able to go back. In addition to the rate of the real estate loan with the Crédit Mutuel, also compare the various services of each bank ! Indeed, some banks offer very good real estate rates, but leave something to be desired on other services, such as the’banking application !