Sweaty Hands 5 Tips For Squeezing Hands Serenely

Sweaty Hands: 5 Tips To Shake Hands Serenely

Are you tired of having sweaty palms? sweaty hands? If you’re looking for advice, you’ve come to the right place!

Some call it thepalmar hyperhidrosisOthers, more simply, call them “sweaty hands”: these are different ways of talking about the same problem. Sweaty hands lead to many problems, both in the professional field and in everyday life. Indeed, many activities become impossible by this excessive sweating of the palms of the hands.

This phenomenon often becomes a source of phobia, and, little by little, you’ll feel more confidentSocio-professional isolation.

Generally, this production of excess sweat is favored by strong emotions and stress in general.

Sweating a lot from the hands is itself a stress generator, which increases the mechanism and makes the person concerned enter a real vicious circle.

The phenomenon of palmar hyperhidrosis would concern 20% of French people, It occurs mainly in young adults and seniors, and is recurrent in more than 75% of cases (several times a week or a month). Discover 5 tips to remedy it.

1. Wash your hands

Don’t worry, no one here thinks that your hygiene is not good enough. These are just a few tips that could really help you avoid having your hands drip during a stressful time.

Wash your hands often, not always with soap because, even if it has been dermatologically tested, it could dry your skin, and make sure to wipe them well. If you don’t, the water from the sink will mix with your sweat and that will make your situation worse.

2. We are what we eat

Feuerbach, a German philosopher of the late nineteenth century, said that “man is what he eats. This is not a brief history lesson but a great truth: nutrition has a considerable influence on our body and, of course, on our sweat.

Avoid spicy and overly spicy foods (yes, even though they are considered an aphrodisiac) and say goodbye to soft drinks and overly sweet foods.

3. Trust the talcum powder

This is a grandmother’s remedy for sweaty hands. It is necessary to apply a thin layer of talcum powder before facing situations considered risky. Some grandmothers from overseas also recommend the use of the baking soda and thecorn starch (cornstarch): choose the one that seems most appropriate or the one you already have at home!

4. Use Deodorant

It’s not necessary to use roll-on deodorant, like Katy Perry does on her hands.

However, you should know that spraying a little deodorant on your hands can help you to control and limiting perspiration. As they say… it doesn’t hurt to try!

5. Breathe

There is no scientific reason why our hands sweat more than they should and most studies indicate that the main culprits of sweaty hands are theanxiety and the stress. We are aware that this is not simple, but calming down might be the best solution.

When you feel the panic coming on, try control your breathing, think about what will happen and try to calm down. The results will not be visible immediately but in the long run you will feel better and … you can finally be happy (with dry hands).

It’s up to you..

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