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How to stack firewood ?

If the location of the firewood is important, the sorting of the fuel as well as its storage is important. It is by keeping an eye on these elements that we manage to preserve the fuels from humidity and keep all the heat capacities of the wood. So, how to place, store and stack your wood in a very efficient way ? Discover in this article tips and advice to achieve this.

Where to store your firewood ?

Before you start, to store its firewood in an appropriate storage space is a strategic choice that must be taken into consideration.

Store the wood in a garden shed

When there is enough space, store your wood in the open air is the right solution. For this purpose, it is possible to opt for a garden shed. To choose such a location, it is better to choose a shelter with removable partitions. This will allow you to leave your pile of logs at room temperature during the good weather, and install corrugated sheets to protect the wood pile from bad weather when winter arrives. For determine the size of your garden shed, it is necessary to take into account several criteria:

  • The size of its housing;
  • The thermal capacities of his home;
  • The size of the logs;
  • Its own size: the row of logs should not be higher than you are.

Store the wood under a tarp

Store the wood in the open air under a tarp for a year in order to evaluate its annual firewood consumption is a better idea. Afterwards, you can think about building your garden shed by taking into account all these elements. But be careful, it is advisable to leave openings at the edges of the pile.

This will allow air to pass through and prevent moisture from stagnating.

In addition, the pile of wood should be gently sloped so that water does not stagnate on the top. In order to keep the tarp on the pile, it is recommended to place weights such as cinder blocks or stones.

Sorting the firewood

First of all, the first thing to consider is the question of sorting. Indeed, depending on your needs, you may have at your disposal some particular types of wood. So, to move on to sorting, there are two possibilities:

  • Sort the firewood by taking into account the type of fuel

With this sorting, it is possible to make: a pile for large logs that will serve to keep a beautiful flame; another pile for medium logs; a third pile that will serve for small wood.

  • Sort the wood by species

Hardwood, generally from hardwoods, is known for its high heat output. As for softwood, from softwoods and conifers, it is often used for lighting fires, since it burns very quickly.

Stack the firewood

If thestacking of firewood At first glance, it seems to be a simple aesthetic question, but the stakes are much higher. So, when you store your wood in an inefficient way, the conditions will be felt. If it is attacked by humidity, the wood immediately loses its energetic capacities and will be unusable. Therefore, in order to prevent the fuels from being attacked by moisture or other elements, the best option is to prepare a staggered arrangement.

It is a system that combines practicality and aesthetics. It allows you to lay out a row of logs, then another row of logs placed perpendicularly, and so on to the top of the pile. This system has the interest of allow air to pass through and not let moisture in.

In addition, it is also possible to create a pile of round logs. To do this, simply make a circle with the largest logs, then make a pyramid from the largest logs to the smallest. Then fill the space in the center with the plaster loose logs and cover the wooden circle with a resistant waterproof tarpaulin in order to protect them.