4 reasons to trust a landscaper

4 reasons to trust a landscaper

Add character to your estate by giving importance to your garden. For the design and maintenance of it, only one professional: the landscape gardener. In addition to taking care of your plants and trees, it also enhances the value of your home.

Working throughout the year, this professional takes care of fertilization, growth, pest control, as well as the maintenance and aesthetics of your garden throughout the year.

The right architecture for your landscaping

A landscape gardener like the’Univers des Jardins, has the role of designing gardens. He is responsible for studying the development of the plan, monitoring the work but also the final rendering of the design. In the details, he designs the architectural style as well as the characteristics of the exterior parts of the home.

As a contractor, he can advise you on the textures, styles, moods, colors and materials best suited to your project.

For his first visit, this expert determines all your needs in terms of garden :

  • Analysis of all the characteristics and conditions of the garden;
  • Anticipate certain changes;
  • Realization of a new architectural plan if necessary;

Obviously, he will need your approval before making any of these decisions. All steps must be approved, in this case the cost part.

The first advantage of working with a professional is the assurance of a good assessment of the garden. As an expert, he takes all the elements into account, including light, soil, exposure to the sun, wind … or irrigation and drainage problems.

The design of a garden with little maintenance

Low maintenance gardens are on the rise ! This meteoric rise is the result of a concern for saving water. We mean by ” Low maintenance “the fact that you only have to use a clipper.

This kind of garden is mainly composed of trees and shrubs that do not need any intervention. These are native plants, with fewer pest problems and perfect adaptation to local conditions.

By planting native plants, the landscaper can successfully design a landscape that is water-efficient, sustainable and biodiversity-friendly.

Reduction of the energy budget

The principle is simple: planting trees in your garden helps reduce your energy costs. This arrangement has an impact on the heating bills. In winter, it promotes the penetration of sunlight into the home, while in summer it creates a shaded area on the terrace.

The landscaper intervenes in the choice of the best shrubs and trees for beautify your garden. It is also an opportunity to spend less money on maintenance. With a good knowledge of plants, this expert can understand the requirements of each plant.

It will better control their growth and maintenance needs.

Adds value to the property

A landscaping project is ideal for to increase the value of your property. Its aesthetics and its comfort bring a visual plus-value.

The intervention of a landscaper in this project is justified by his training of several years in the landscape profession. It is then most competent to beautify and increase the value of your property. It can even go as far as designing outdoor infrastructure for the beauty and functionality of the property.