Buying designer indoor and outdoor furniture

Purchase of interior and exterior design furniture

The furniture is a determining element to set a specific atmosphere both inside and outside a house. You have chosen designer furniture, and you are now wondering what type of decoration would go with it. Here are 3 styles to inspire you.

For a fashionable interior and exterior design

To make the right choice, knowing what you like and what you need is essential. In this case, your search is focused on a trendy decoration. It’s a good thing, the design furniture goes well with this choice because many are created according to what interests the customers of the moment.

For this type of design, furniture with slightly blurred or very structured lines is ideal. An e-commerce site as https://www.zendart-design.en/ offers various authentic and trendy products to brighten up a living room or a garden. This ranges from shelves in the shape of a beehive, high square tables or wood partitions.

A shape also stands out particularly from others since late 2019, namely the rounded forms. All that is round, oval and curved will be the furniture in for the next few years. Here again, design furniture will satisfy the desires of everyone.

To have a minimalist decoration

The minimalist atmosphere has been very popular for several years now and will undoubtedly continue to appeal for a long time to come. The need, the desire to equip oneself with only the essentials in order to refocus on the essentials motivates this choice.

If you are also one of those who seek to arrange outside and / or inside in this way, design furniture is also made for you. It is indeed possible to find furniture with very fluid and minimalist lines. Always with the aim of establishing a minimalist decor, and have a feeling of space and volume these design furniture are also ideal because we find some that are light and low.

Just the opposite of antique furniture which is usually very bulky and heavy.

Here, one will thus rather like the pieces of furniture in transparency, the purified and simple lines. The suspended furniture should not be in rest either. In terms of color, the trend is towards monochrome and the classic trio of white, gray and black.

The materials used (such as wood or velvet) will bring warmth to the decoration.

To establish a modern style decoration

In interior and exterior decoration, modern definitely rhymes with design. And with the many brands and designers, from the most anonymous to the most famous, the choice is extremely wide.

Be careful not to confuse modern which means trendy, and modern style which is derived from modernism created by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Here, we prefer neutral and earthy colors, and elements such as wood, glass or steel. The functional side and elegance are also preferred, while the trendy side “simply” follows the latest fashion.

The modular garden sofa, a pouf that can be used as a storage box or coffee table at the same time, and other multifunctional design furniture are therefore welcome. Similarly, colors such as gray, white or beige on the furniture will match perfectly with this decoration.