Swimming pool enclosure How to make the right choice

Pool cover: How to make the right choice ?

The swimming pool is a space of relaxation and pleasure that allows you to enjoy the beautiful weather at home. If you want to equip yours with a shelter, there are a number of points to consider beforehand. Here are some tips to help you choose the right pool enclosure.

Choose a pool enclosure according to the comfort you are looking for

Once you have completed the placement of your pool fence, you will be able to’If you have a pool at home, it is recommended to protect it with a pool cover. This structure fulfills both an aesthetic and practical role. It offers a protection from rain and facilitates the maintenance of the pool by limiting dirt.

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It is also a safety tool that helps prevent injuries or drowning, especially for small children. Today, you have access to a wide choice of’Pool enclosures that each meet different levels of comfort.

Low pool enclosure

L’low pool enclosure can be discreet and blend into your landscape. It is easy to install and its height does not exceed 1 meter. It quickly warms up your pool and is a good alternative to the usual pool fences that can be installed.

It does not obstruct the view and offers the possibility of bathing while being protected from the wind.

The high pool enclosure

L’high pool enclosure is a real building with a height of between 1.90 m and 3 m. It acts as a living room and allows you to enjoy the space surrounding the pool. It is therefore possible to arrange it by installing deckchairs or garden furniture.

The high pool enclosure is suitable for people who have enough space and are looking for a high level of comfort. It is however subject to certain requirements such as It requires a building permit.

The half-height pool enclosure

L’mid-high pool enclosure is an intermediary between a high and a low enclosure. Its height is between 1.20 m and 1.80 m. Unlike the high pool enclosure, it is not considered a living space. Its installation does not require a building permit.

It allows you to bathe while enjoying a space around the pool.

The flat pool cover

L’flat pool enclosure is also called mobile or sliding terrace. It allows you to secure your pool when you are not swimming and to enjoy the space it occupies. It is strong enough to hold tables and chairs temporarily.

Choose your terrace according to its opening and closing technology

We distinguish the fixed pool enclosure and the opening pool enclosure. Fixed pool enclosures cannot be opened. As for the opening shelters, they come in several categories. There are sliding, removable, liftable or folding pool covers.

There are also telescopic shelters that can open completely and inflatable shelters.

Consider the material used in the design of your pool enclosure

Several materials can be used for the glazing of your pool cover. It is made of glass, polycarbonate, plexiglass and PVC. As for the structure of your enclosure, it can be made of wood, in steel or in aluminum.

Wood offers good insulation while steel and aluminum are appreciated for their aesthetics.

In short, the choice of your pool enclosure should not be made at random. It must be adapted to the specificities of your home and to your preferences.