5 Tips Against Food and Clothes Moths

5 Tips Against Food and Clothing Moths

The food mites can quickly become the scourge of the kitchen. And getting rid of them can also be a real ordeal: insecticide or big cleaning, you need time and patience to get rid of them. But, many techniques more traditional and less dangerous for our health and the environment exist and are perhaps even more effective.

Moths may be of terrible pests which can often put our nerves on edge, it is possible to get rid of them, with very simple techniques accessible to all.

Beforehand, think of: cleaning your cupboards from top to bottom with white vinegar; cleaning your entire kitchen to prevent the arrival of moths; choosing glass jars rather than the original packaging to store your food and get rid of all the products already infested.

So read on to see the benefits of planting trees in your garden 5 natural tips against food moths and 5 others against clothes moths.

1) Natural herbs, formidable

Simple little sachets of natural herbs such as garlic, garlic juice, garlic juice, garlic juice, garlic oil, garlic oil, garlic oil, garlic oil, garlic oil, garlic oil bay leaves, the lavender or even the thyme, will be enough to scare away these pests that invade and devour your closets. It is necessary to place them near your food, their odors will overcome even the most stubborn.

It will also make your closet smell good.

food moths

2) Garlic, the sworn enemy of food moths

Garlic not only scares away vampires, but also moths. With only a few garlic cloves to put in your cupboards, this simple and perfectly natural technique will definitely get rid of those little moths that disgust you every time you look for food in your closet.

food moths (3)

3) Essential oils, the remedy for all ills

Essential oils are known for their effectiveness in many areas and also to get rid of food moths. A few drops in a spray bottle mixed with clean water is all it takes. You can even vary them according to your taste: eucalyptus, peppermint or even lemongrass, all this is on sale in most organic stores.

food mites (2)

4) Cloves, a spicy technique

A small cup of cloves allows you to quickly say goodbye to food moths. If placed directly in your cupboards, this spice will quickly get rid of pests, which do not tolerate its smell.

food moths (4)

5) The pheromone trap, to calm their ardor

Available in organic stores and supermarkets, this natural trap attracts males thanks to a sticky plate soaked in pheromones.

Once trapped, insects have no chance of survival. The females cannot therefore no longer be fertilized. To ensure its effectiveness, it is best to change the trap at least every six weeks.

food moths (1)

Against clothes moths

6. Accordion paper (or Armenian paper)

This solution works very well. Put some fanfold Put a moth repellent on your clothes or simply hang it on top of your wardrobe to catch and kill all the clothes moths.

That accordion paper works against all dust mites.

2. Lavender

A simple, natural, effective tip that also gives your clothes a good smell is touse lavender, because moths hate these strong smells. Place lavender sachets in your closets to repel clothes moths quickly while scenting.

3. The mint

Put some of these near your clothes bouquets of mint to keep moths away. Just like lavender, moths hate the strong smell and taste of mint. They will therefore move away very quickly.

4. Eucalyptus essential oil

The essential oil of eucalyptus is an excellent natural repellent against clothes moths and other small insects undesirable in the house. Just put a few drops on cotton balls and put them near your clothes in your closet.

5. The oil of neem

The smell of neem oil scares away moths. If you have a diffuser, hang it on a hanger in your closets. Neem oil also allows you to slow down reproduction moths.

With this remedy you should have no more problems with moth larvae.

It’s up to you..

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