Real Life Begins After 40

Real life begins after 40

As we grow up, our dreams and goals change with us. The age of youth, running away, brings with it the change to the wisdom. After forty years, after so many disappointments, we may be ready to face life on an equal footing.

We start again

If it is true that our lives change and are shaped by new needs, then at the age of forty, at the midpoint of life, it’s time for a new lifeIt’s a good time to understand and evaluate how best to spend our precious time. Years spent choosing the wrong man, chasing distant hopes; it’s time to say: “enough !

“. The great ambitions of youth give way to more concrete projects with people who really care about you. There is no no more futile worries, you, your self, are finally at the center of the universe and you can take full advantage of the inner strength you have cultivated all these years.

A real life

When we start to give up the pipe dreams and focus on what we have, that’s when we start to to really live. It’s no longer the search for the special moment, but the enjoyment of everyday life, to normal habits that make our life a little wiser beautiful and full routine.

Isn’t it special to be normal and satisfied with what we have built over the years? ? The frivolities and easy whims are now behind us when we reach the age of forty, and it is time to enjoy the calm and satisfaction of the goals we have achieved. A new love will not make you lose your mind, you will face it with a wise ease, without being carried away by the whirlwind of new feelings. These years are the time to dedicate ourselves to ourselves and to the people who really deserve our attention, leaving behind who and what made us suffer, but which, in reality, helped us to become a little wiser.

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