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How to gild a mirror frame ?

A mirror with a golden frame is an undeniable aesthetic asset within a home’an interior by bringing a touch of color to it’authenticity. A mirror frame is a unique piece of furniture, with rounded edges, worked uprights and a golden finish that keeps its original look of agate or wood’yesteryear. The mirror with the golden frame can be small or large and finds its place in all the residences, whether they are Haussmannian interiors or within a’a current decoration for a successful mix and match. In addition, this type of gilding’object has the’advantage of a mirror’visually enlarge the room. However, this type of roofing’A mirror frame is becoming increasingly rare.

However, you can go the DIY route and gild the frame of a toothbrush yourself’a mirror. Discover how to proceed.

The necessary material to gild the roof frame’a mirror

To gild a toothbrush frame’To gild a mirror frame, you can choose between gilding wax, gilding varnish or liquid gilding or even gilding leaves’or. Whichever technique you choose, get the right materials by clicking here, a site specialized in the’buying and selling gilding products. This hobby site offers all the necessary tools to make your project a success. To do this, you will need :

  • a stencil brush,
  • a fine and flexible sable brush,
  • a toothbrush,
  • a soft cloth,
  • gilding wool’steel,
  • a stone polisher from’agate or wood.

The different techniques to gild a mirror frame

Once you have the necessary materials to gild a mirror frame, start by reinforcing the corners. To do this, Nail a flat piece of cardboard or wood behind the mouldings. Now choose the technique you wish to adopt, either by using gilding wax, gilding varnish or by using’or.

Gilding wax

Before the’If you want to apply the gilding wax, you have to do everything right’first prepare the surface to be gilded. To do this, apply a red plate that is a red wax serving as a basis for the development of the body’a better hold of the gilding. Spread this product on the frame with the’help of’a stencil brush or a brush with short and stiff bristles. Wait for the whole to dry before polishing with a dedicated brush or a soft cloth.

You can now Apply the gilding wax in a thin layer. To do this, put on gloves, because the mirror is not the same color’application is done directly with the finger. Let dry, then polish again. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can apply an additional coat of.

It is even possible to add a gilding wax to the sheet’a different shade for a better look.

Gilding varnish or liquid gilding

If your choice is gilding varnish or liquid gilding to gild a mirror frame, start by applying a thin layer of gilding glue’Apply the red plate as a varnish on the frame. This base is’apply to the’Gilding aid’a fine brush with soft sable bristles. Let it dry for 12 hours. If you see any grainy bumps appearing, simply buff the surface using abrasive wool’steel n° 000.

Apply a thin layer of water’plate before letting it dry.

Then take the gilding varnish or the liquid gilding. Mix well to obtain a perfectly homogeneous result. To the’help’a sable brush, apply a thin layer on the entire surface of the frame. Let dry for 12 hours before adding a second coat if you think it is necessary.

As with the gilding wax technique, you can also use a different color gilding for the second coat. It all depends on the’the look you want to achieve.

The gilding foil’gold

This last technique to gild a mirror frame is more delicate. It requires a meticulous preparation for an impeccable result. Start by Sand the frame with a brush’help to’a very fine grain abrasive. Remove dust before applying’Apply rabbit skin glue at 60° or 70°.

Then let dry for 6 hours. Once the glue is dry, spread it on a taut chamois’smoothing coat on the surface using a fine brush. This is to smooth the surface.

Renew the’operation until’until the surface is perfectly smooth. This step is necessary for a perfect holding of the gilding.

Let it dry for a day, then sand it down using the wool’steel n° 000 or d’a carving knife. Take the red plate leaf gilding and heat it in a water bath. Apply with a fine brush and let cool for 4 hours. Sanding and leveling with the wool’steel n° 000.

Take the gold leaf’gold for the’Spread on a taut chamois leather.

Cut it into small strips. With a brush, moisten the surface before applying the gilding’apply the strips of steel leaf’or with a finger or a brush. Be sure to press well for good adhesion and to remove the excess’Excessive dusting’water. It only remains to apply the gilding wax in a thin layer’Dab with absorbent cotton before smoothing with a brush’help of’a soft brush.

For a perfect finish, use a very hard tool such as a wooden or stone polisher to polish the frame’agate to smooth and patina.

Tips for cleaning the gilding’a mirror

Having a gold framed mirror is an undeniable decorative asset. But to preserve its appearance, it is important to clean it regularly. To do this, you should know that the’water should be avoided as much as possible. Instead of, prefer a gold frame cleaner which you can dab on with a brush’s help’using a cloth’a cotton swab or a brush’a brush depending on the size of the mirror.

S’it s’act of’A frame gilded with gold leaf’However, cleaning can be done with a brush’use of’A mixture of white glue and water is used to gild the frame’beaten eggs and white vinegar. Apply this solution to the frame, let it dry, then remove it using a soft brush. Be careful to test on a small area before doing it on everything else to make sure it does not damage the frame. If the gold of the frame starts to tarnish, Apply all of it on the frame’first the red gilding plate wax.

Let it dry before using it’applying the golden wax with a finger. Let it dry again, then polish it. You can also fill in the gaps by applying liquid gilding. Finally, clean the mirror with a microfiber cloth.

Add a few drops of white vinegar if necessary.