Laundry – here’s why you should add a little coarse

Laundry: here’s why you should add a little coarse salt to each machine wash

When it comes to washing clothes in the washing machine, we need to find the most appropriate detergent to get rid of all kinds of stains and the most effective fabric softener to make our clothes soft and fragrant.

But if there were natural alternatives to these chemicals that could guarantee the cleanliness and softness of our clothes ? We may already have the solution at home, or rather in the kitchen: it is coarse salt.

Among the grandmother’s remedies for perfect laundry, many mention cooking salt: let’s see how best to use it.

For the health in your laundry

By adding a few tablespoons of coarse salt to the laundry basket before starting the wash, the fabric fibers will remain softer. Salt has the power to soften water, making it less chalky. This tip works with any type of fabric, but is especially effective with terry towels or jeans. Two categories that are most affected by water hardness and tend to “stiffen”.

But salt can also be useful for revive colors in the case of dark or colored clothes, and to avoid yellowing of white clothes without using polluting bleach.

To avoid yellowing, soak your light-colored clothes in a solution of water and coarse salt for a few hours before machine washing, without rinsing first.

Maintenance of the washing machine

Finally, you can also Use coarse salt to maintain your washing machine in a natural way. The salt, in fact, has a powerful anti-scale action because it reduces the “hardness of water” and helps to descale the pipes of the appliance.

To avoid the risk of the washing machine pipes filling up with limescale, you just need to do a vacuum wash with coarse salt. Pour a kilo of salt directly into the drum and start a high temperature wash. This will allow the salt to dissolve and do its job.

Remember also that salt is able to absorb moisture and absorb stainsto prevent the formation of mould and bad smells (it is not a coincidence that it is used as an anti-mould agent in shoe boxes or accessories). You can use this property of salt to your advantage to neutralize unpleasant odors inside the drum by inserting a small cup of coarse salt and keeping it there when you are not using the machine.

It’s up to you..

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