The 10 best tips to empty your house before donating to Emmaus!

Top 10 tips for clearing out your home before donating to Emmaus !

For After a move or a death for example, it is necessary to do a house clearance. The house must therefore be emptied for perhaps be sold. This is a difficult task that sometimes requires the presence of specialists.

If you are on your own, here are the top 10 tips for empty your house before donating to Emmaus.

Make an inventory of the volume of goods to be emptied

For empty your home, you can start by estimating the volume of goods you want to get rid of. To do this, you can use two different techniques. Either, you evaluate the volume by observing the place busy with all the equipment or either, you make this assessment by looking at the type of furniture and equipment present in the room.

Find the material means for the emptying

Provide a means of transportation that can hold a large portion of the goods you want to transfer. If you do not want to do the emptying yourself, then you can call a specialist in emptying. With them, you can be sure that the emptying will be done with professional equipment.

The human means to empty the house

After an estimate of the volume of goods, if you feel that you cannot do the emptying alone, consider calling on your friends, neighbors or family members. Then distribute the tasks.It consists in writing down the items that are no longer necessary and that you can get rid of with the help of the people present.

Make a checklist

This step is just as important when you want to empty your house in a well organized way. It consists of writing down on a piece of paper the items that are no longer necessary and that you can get rid of. These can include outdated makeup, old clothes, old books, children’s toys, old objects decorations, costume jewelry, knick-knacks, stores, expired medications, old bills, gift bags.

Play the game 12 12 12 12

Getting rid of items is not an easy task for many people. They have a sentimental attachment to it. Opt for the 12 12 12 method. It consists of taking 12 objects to put away, 12 objects to change place, 12 objects to throw away and 12 objects to keep.

To make it work, every time you’re in the room, you need to go over everything that’s left. With this method, you will de-clutter the house in a simple and fun way.

Selling certain items

You can also select objects that will be sold through the organization of a house sale. If there are yard sales in your area, you can take advantage of them and participate. Locals are likely to find items that will interest them.

On the other hand, antique and flea markets are great places to get rid of clutter sale emptied goods.

The method of the garbage bag

Another great way to get rid of stuff around the house is to use trash bags. It consists in taking a big solid garbage bag and putting in it all the objects you don’t use and especially those that are not functional. The operation should be done quickly so that you do not have time to remove the object from the trash bag.

Reserve a bag for donations

For items that are still functional, put it in another bag to donate to associations like Emmaus or the army. It is a material that recovers furniture, dishes, microwaves, appliances, your storage room with a purely social purpose.

Make micro-storage

When you are facing your wardrobe for the emptying, make a micro storage. It consists in do sort it out for a short time without stopping and then start again the next day. This way, your hands will be in the stirrup before the big decluttering.

For sorting, you can start with clothes that you never wear, then clothes that are too small or too big and in the end by quite old clothes.

Empty the shower in the last position

The shower is the last room in the house that you should empty. To do this, you must make sure that it will not be used by other people in the house. This avoids you to make a double work. Preferably on the last day of the clearance.

Start with dry goods and then wet goods and put them away.