5 steps to organize your move intelligently

5 steps to organize your move intelligently

For a smooth and successful move, you should allow at least 3 months of preparation. Even procrastinators will have to comply with this little rule. And for good reason, it’s not just the stuff you have to pack ! Numerous administrative steps must also be anticipated.

Plan everything from the first step

2,500 euros ! This is the average cost of a move with movers. But you have to think about the works, small decoration alterations, appliances to replace in your new home. Think about the need to take out a Cofidis moving loan to the financing of your move.

As early as three months before the date of your move, it is essential to plan everything. Project yourself into the event by thinking about all the steps to be taken. Advance notice of departure, first sorting of belongings, anticipation of work to be done in the new home, search for a mover…are some of the things to do during your move.

Find the cheapest movers

It is more economically interesting to book as far in advance as possible. Note that movers are particularly busy during the summer. You should do your research at least two months in advance.

The reason is that you are not going to jump on the first mover that comes along. Get several quotes to get a competitive edge. Have you decided to do without professional movers? ?

The organization will be even more complicated in this case. You need to know in advance the arms and shoulders What you can count on. Consider using a rental car service to transport your belongings.

Shop around for packing materials to get an idea of how much it will cost. If you Opt for a moving loan, budget won’t really be a problem.

Start packing

Two months before the big day, you can already start packing. Packing takes a lot of time and effort’energy. If you have opted for the service of a mover, it is up to him to provide you with them.

Have you decided to reduce your budget to a minimum ? In this case, you can opt for the collection of your boxes from large stores and department stores.

The golden rule when packing to organize your move is not to get lost. This is why it is important to all boxes must be identified that you use. At least, you must be able to identify the big boxes that go in the kitchen, in the children’s room…etc.

Remember to vary the size of your boxes.

The administrative steps to do

If you haven’t hired movers for your move, a month before D-day, it’s the ideal time to reserve the vehicle that will carry your stuff. At this stage, you have packed most of your belongings. All you have to do is organize them little by little to be ready to leave on D-day.

But with a month to go before the move, it’s also time to take care of all the administrative steps involved in the move. The steps in question are: mail transfer, cancellation/subscription of contract with energy suppliers, insurance companies, change of address with banks.

The day of the move

If you’ve got it all planned out, all you have to do on moving day is to do a little checking. However, don’t forget to think about tools needed for cleaning of the home you are leaving.