Industrial machine : how to repair an electro-spindle

Industrial machine : how to repair an electrospindle ?

Industrialists must constantly keep abreast of technological developments. This is the objective of the Siane Industries trade show to be held in Toulouse from October 18 to 20, 2022. They must also maintain their equipment to remain efficient and not to stop the production line.

Zoom in on a component that is essential to many machines dedicated to drilling and milling: the electrospindle.

What is an electric spindle ?

The industry uses many machines and technological parts. Beyond their purchase, an industrialist must also anticipate the costs and time required for maintenance, or even repair. In fact, some parts cannot be easily replaced.

Their absence for repair causes the machine to stop and consequently a delay in production.

The electrospindle is one of the elements to consider in a maintenance plan. For two reasons. It is both sensitive and indispensable.

Indeed, it is an intermediary part between the machine and the cutting tool which it activates thanks to its motor. Without it, the tool is no longer rotating. The machine no longer works.

Different types of electrospindles

There are several types of electro-spindles. Some are dedicated to drilling, others to milling or engraving. Their power allows, for example, the milling machine to remove material or the drilling machine to drill holes. There are also spindles known as UGV, for high speed machining.

It is a much faster technique than traditional machining, which increases productivity and improves cutting precision in particular.

The use of the electrospindle in industrial sectors

HSC spindles are used in particular in the aeronautics industry. They are used to manufacture metal parts for different devices. Smaller electro-spindles are appreciated in the precision industry such as watchmaking.

The wood sector also uses these components to make furniture or construction elements, in particular via milling or drilling techniques. Finally, engraving on glass can also be carried out using machines with integrated electro-spindles.

Used in many sectors, the electrospindle is much more than an intermediate element. It has become an essential element for more than one machine. When it breaks down, production is stopped.

This is why it is more than necessary to maintain it regularly and to register it in the maintenance program.

How to maintain an electrospindle ?

Know your equipment well

Controlling the handling

The maintenance of machining equipment guarantees its durability and avoids breakdowns. The best way to achieve this is to know your equipment well. Electro-spindles are composed of several elements. Each one has a specific function. Each one can be damaged with time, but also because of bad handling.

Knowing how to spot a defect in use and how to remedy it can prevent the rapid use of the part.

To make prevention

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. The electrospindle is made up of a set of elements that it is important to check regularly. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for a breakdown to call a professional.

This can also be done as a preventive measure.

Keeping up to date with technological developments

Keeping up to date with technological developments also allows you to maintain your knowledge of the equipment. And for that, there is nothing like the events dedicated to the professionals of the sector. Soon, the new Toulouse Exhibition and Convention Centre, called MEETT, will host the 17th edition of the Siane Industries exhibition.

A great opportunity to meet specialists in industrial production equipment. Many sectors will be represented, from aeronautics to machine tools and mechanical production.

How to repair an electrospindle ?

Checking the parts of an electrospindle requires the expertise of professionals. The repair of this type of tool must be done by specialized technicians. Given the importance of this part in a machine, it is essential to entrust its repair to certified professionals.

Make sure they have the necessary knowledge to handle the brand of your electro-spindles.

When a breakdown is noticed, a procedure is put in place to repair it. As with any repair job, the first step is a diagnosis. Once this is done, the part is dismantled.

The objective is to be able to observe and control each element that constitutes it. It is a question of checking the clamping systems, blowing systems, bearings, but also the engine, its cooling system..

Although not well known to the general public, the electro-spindle is used in many precision machine tools. It is used in a variety of high-tech industries from aerospace to watchmaking to wood construction to glass engraving. Like any essential component, it requires regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns.

Also, prevention is most often recommended to anticipate the replacement of parts. For any diagnosis or repair, it is strongly recommended to call upon certified professionals.