10 original and simple ideas to creatively reuse buttons

10 original and simple ideas to reuse buttons in a creative way

Who doesn’t have a box full of buttons somewhere? Torn or skipped from an old shirt and saved for future use. And indeed, they always come in handy sooner or later.

There are all kinds of buttons and materials, with odd shapes or decorated in a special way. Some are really beautiful, colored or engraved with patterns. We often think that they can hardly be used otherwise, but that would be a mistake.

With their innumerable shapes, sizes and colors, they are very suitable to be washedevenir interior decorations or to give a new life to something old and outdated.

Decorations for frames, colorful photos, jewelry and even cushions. We can decorate anything, using our imagination and colors. The little ones of the house can give a hand, both to imagine something new and to help us to realize it !

Let’s discover together 10 original ideas to reuse buttons in a creative way !

1) Button curtain

To make this curtain, you will need a large number of buttons. The greater the variety of shapes and colors you use, the more beautiful the effect will be. Just measure the height of the door to be covered and calculate 5 extra centimeters to attach the wires to the rod that will support them. Then get a thread (fishing line would be ideal) and tie the end, inserting the buttons one by one, passing the thread through two holes.

Then you need to attach the curtain rod above the door by attaching the remaining 5 centimeters of wire without buttons. The result is a curtain similar to a beaded curtain that will add color to the room !